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31 August 2003
With pranams to Lord Vinyaka we shall be posting Chitti's musings.

Haley's comet has something to do with humorists. Mark Twain was born when H's comet appeared. When it appeared in 1910 Chitti was born. Barathi sang its glory in his poem. It was the year "Sadharana". Hence the book was named Sadharana Manithan; that also means Ordinary man!

Once when Chitti was recording Rajaji for AIR, the recorder failed. Rajaji remarked: 'this is how AIR works" Chitti quipped"Sir, you inaugurated the Madras station!" That in short is Chitti! From tomorrow here we will have his musings


Tamil Heritage Foundation is honoured on this years (2003) auspicious Vinayaga Chaturthi to publish the musings of P.G. Sunderarajan ("Chitti") . His nephew Mr.Narasiah, a well known Tamil author has written a book about his uncle with the title "satharana manithan" (An `ordinary' man )

LAKSHMI KANNAN has written a review in Hindu on "Satharana manithan". I would say, that gives the needed introduction about this extraditorily talented man. He has crossed 90 years of age and still fit as an young man to recollect his memories for us.

I thank Mr.Narasiah who has agreed to collect his musings on a regular basis and publish it here. This is part of our Living Legacy series called UyippU or an Organic Book (O Book).

Yours friendly,
P.G.Sunderarajan, affectionately called "PG" by many of his friends, is the renowned "Chitti", a highly respected litterateur and Andhra Pradesh's gift to Tamil literature. He is a bilingual author of innumerable books, which include creative works such as poetry and fiction, criticism, literary history, biographies, and books on spiritual discourse. He writes with equal felicity in English and Tamil.

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